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What is Health top-up plan? 

In the fast-evolving world, it becomes easy to forget about your health so, Health top-up plan might be an unfamiliar term for most of us all, but the ones who are aware of acknowledging its importance in our life fairly . The basics of a health top-up plan is that it is a kind of additional coverage for people who already are insured with a health insurance policy. It improves the sum insured amount at a reasonable premium. It enhances your continuing health insurance policy by supporting additional health coverage.

Why do you need a health top-up plan if you already have a health insurance?

1. Health insurance plan and top-up plan differ from each other in the way that Health insurance has a deductible amount. The policyholders have to opt for the deductible amount when buying a top-up plan. More the deductible amount lower will be the premium. You can use your existing health insurance and top-up plan for a hospitalization once but the condition is to meet the threshold limits of the policy. You can purchase the top-up and the health insurance plan from different companies, but it is recommended to purchase them from the same insurer as it will save you resources like money and time.

2. Top up plans are more affordable when compared to other basic health insurance plans. You can also purchase the same along with the health coverage that is supported by your employer. Many people get confused between riders and health top-up plans. Generally, health top-up policies are indemnity policies that come out with regular cover. Health-top up plans with steeper deductibles are mostly less expensive. You can search for the one online easily using FinBucket.

What does Health Top-Up Plan cover?

Foundation top-up plans cover only one incident of hospitalization, whereas  the floater top-up plan, the benefits are adjustable. The floater top-up plan mainly covers pre-existing health problem from the first day and the remaining dependent upon the chosen insurer.

The top-up plan is wise to have as it provides additional coverage over existing health insurance policy. A basic health insurance plan will aid the medical bills up-to a definite sum insured, whereas a top-up plan will help you by covering the medical bills over a definite threshold limit. It is an affordable way to enhance your existing health insurance. If you really look into it, it is a really good thing to have a health insurance policy, but it is to think about what will you do if your health insurance plan fails to meet your needs during the time of hospitalization, what will settle the rest of the amount?

A top-up plan would be able to help you fully. It will take care of your expenses during hospitalization when your continuing health insurance policy gets exhausted. All the advantages of a top-up plan are the same as in the normal health insurance policy.

Pay the medical expenses when your existing policy or deductible limit is exhausted. 

Things you should know before buying a health top-up plan

Now that you have decided to buy a health top-up plan, Let us dive deeper into it by taking an example:

  • Suppose you have a health cover of Rs 3lakh and now you that a health cover of Rs 3 Lakh would not be sufficient to meet the requirements of a medical emergency. Purchasing an extra cover of 3 lakhs means you have to pay a huge amount as premium. If you go for the upgradation of existing policy, it would also double the premium. This is where a health top-up plan comes into the picture. With a health top-up policy, you can get additional cover at a lesser premium and it can save you a lot of fortune.
  • It makes sense to go for a top-up plan as it saves a lot of your money and hence can be used in the case of need. If you are searching for such type of plans then you should look for an online insurance web aggregator. There you can compare policies to get the best suitable option for yourself.

How Health-Top Up Plan Premium is calculated

Health top-up plan majorly acts as a supplementary policy that offers additional benefits of the higher sum assured at lower prices. It is beneficial for senior citizens as it takes care of each and everything related to health. 

  1. In the Top-Up plan, the premium cost depends upon the deductible. The deductible is inversely proportioned to the premium rate.
  2. It is advisable to renew your policy every year or as per the terms and conditions of the policy chosen.
  3. The premium amount also varies on the age of entering the plan, lesser the age lower the rate of premiums
  4. It is suggested to buy a Health top-up plan at an early age as it can aid you in saving a big amount

Documents Required For Health Top-Up Plan



Age proof

Any one of Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, etc

Insuarnce registration


Identity proof

Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which supports one’s citizenship.

Insuarnce registration


Address proof

A Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport, on which permanent address is clearly mentioned.

Insuarnce registration


Passport Size Photo

To have a record of the candidate’s identity for future references.

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