Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

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What is a senior citizen health insurance plan? 

In the fast-evolving world, it becomes easy to forget about your health so, Health top-up plan might be an unfamiliar term for most of us all, but the ones who are aware of acknowledging its importance in our life fairly . The basics of a health top-up plan is that it is a kind of additional coverage for people who already are insured with a health insurance policy. It improves the sum insured amount at a reasonable premium. It enhances your continuing health insurance policy by supporting additional health coverage.

Why do you need a Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan?

A senior citizen healthcare plan is structured to offer multiple benefits to the customers:-

1. Hospitalisation Cover

It is no secret that your medical needs will increase with your age. A senior citizen health insurance plan will cover your hospitalization expenses as the insurance company will mainly pay for all the medical expenses.

2. Cashless hospitalization

It is one of the prominent features of health insurance plans. Under this, if you are treated in a network hospital, then you don’t have to worry about the medical expense as the insurer will clear the same at the hospital desk on the behalf of you.

3. Cover for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses

Prevention is better than cure. Individual health insurance provides you with the facility of medical checkups and tests when needed.

4. Tax benefits

Investing in a senior citizen health insurance plan means all premiums paid by the policyholder can be used to get tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

5. Discounts and bonuses

Insurance companies provide various discounts that will lower your premium or bonus for the next policy year.

Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Key features of senior citizen health insurance plans are:

  • The plan is built to cover for the people of age 60 years and above.
  • Underlying disease and some specific diseases would be liable to get cover after a specified tenure of time.
  • There are many health insurance plans that offer lifetime renewals
  • Several medical related services such as ambulance services are covered by senior citizen health insurance policies.
  • It allows the individual to choose a preferred Sum Insured that would be enough for his/her medical needs.
  • It allows the individual to choose a preferred Sum Insured that would be enough for his/her medical needs.
  • There are a few senior citizen health insurance plans that offer coverage to policyholder along with the option of including their spouse as well.
  • Many insurance policies offer to co-pay. Opting for Copay can result in lower premium and in some it will make you eligible for discounts as well.


How to select a Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Investing in the health of your aging parents is a process that should be completed very carefully as everyone wants the best they can have. These are the points to consider while choosing the one

Medical history

It is important for you to know the medical history of your parents while choosing a health insurance plan.

Compare and Choose Plan

There is a list of health insurance firms that deal in senior citizen medical insurance plans. It is important to compare the options available on the basis of price features, inclusions, exclusions, etc.

Fill proposal form

While opting for a plan, fill the accurate details to your knowledge. Incorrect data could result in issues and your application might be rejected.

Do a medical check-up

The policyholder has to go through a medical screening after submitting the proposal form. The medical practitioners who are there on the panel of the insurer would verify the information related to the medical conditions of the policyholder. Depending on the health of the insured, some of the medical tests would be conducted by the doctor.

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