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What is Travel Insurance and why you need it?

Traveling is a joyful experience! Everyone needs to take a break from their hectic schedule and spend some quality time with their loved ones. In this fast-paced world, traveling has become very easy.

But it also comes with it risks for which you need to be protected with travel insurance. It doesn’t matter where and with whom you are traveling, insurance is a must to have. It covers the safety and security of you and your companions.

What are the different types of travel insurance?

The type of travel insurance depends upon the factors such as duration, location, etc. The most readily available options that the market offers are as follows:

Travel insurance is structured to help with financial assistance for unpredictable events that may affect your journey. Beneficial aspects of a travel insurance policy include coverage for trip expenditure, luggage, and medical emergencies.

There are various types of travel insurance policies:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance: Having a health plan safeguards you against any mishap as you can get quality treatment anywhere at the right time. A medical cover guarantees stable finances and peace of mind.

  • International travel insurance: You can avail better healthcare facilities abroad if you have international travel insurance. You can be notified by various insurance companies regarding when and where to have the diagnostic screenings.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance: Generally, it is not feasible for people to afford expensive medicines for various diseases under normal circumstances

  • Student Travel Insurance: Many insurers provide discounts to traveling students to help them save money at the time of checkup or in case of hospitalization.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Senior citizen insurance is for those aging from 61-70 years. It is travel insurance targeted towards senior citizens to make their travel easier. It is inclusive of aid for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization addition to the usual benefits of travel insurance

  • Family Travel Insurance: A family travel Insurance ensures the entire family of the insured individual throughout travel from travel-related issues.

    Family travel insurance covers hospitalization (travel medical insurance), baggage loss, and alternative incidental expenses. The claim disbursement is easy with nominal work concerned

  • Individual Travel Insurance: Individual travel insurance works for one individual providing him with coverage from travel-related emergencies. Having this, you’ll be sorted against trip curtailment, cancellation of the trip, and home burglary

  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: A multi-trip travel insurance covers usually for a year, mainly structured for frequent travelers with all journeys so you don’t have to go through the process again and again

Things you should know about home insurance

Before proceeding further, you should comprehend the terms related to a home insurance policy.

  • Ownership of property- To buy a house/property insurance, one should have a stake in the property i.e. it should be in possession of his/her own.
  • Types of Home/Property Insurance- Generally, there are two types of home/property insurances;

First is the “Standard fireplace and Allied Perils Policy”. This covers mishaps the property is exposed to such as riots, fire, flood, and storms. The second type is “Burglary and House Breaking Insurance Policy”. This mostly provides protection against theft or burglary.

  • How to fix total Insured value for home/property or assets you own?- In case you underinsure your home, you are at a greater risk of suffering from a great loss at the time of causality.

Hence, opting for suitable valued insurance becomes highly important. There are two ways to identify it, namely reinstatement value and market value technique

What travel insurance does and doesn’t cover

Does Cover Doesn’t Cover
It provides aid for medical expenses caused due to the treatment of accidental injuries. Missing of train or flight because of war or some local protests.
If the trip is delayed for more than 5 hours due to the covered issue then you have the benefit according to the maximum limit shown in the Policy scheme. Any type of expenditure due to local protests or war.
The insurer will reimburse the amount stated in the scheme/plan if it is lost by you and it leads to not continuing the intended travel. Hospitalization is due to already existing conditions.
In a case of medical trauma, arrangements for evacuation and transportation of the insured are taken care of. Delay of baggage which is less than twenty-four hours.
Travel insurance provides cover for you in the case of loss or theft of your baggage during the journey. It depends upon the plan chosen and varies from company to company. Loss or damage to keys
Nothing is more important than your identity proof and other sensitive documents when it comes to traveling. Travel insurance covers you against damage, theft of the same. The exclusions differ in every plan. It is suggested to check and compare the options before buying a policy online.

Things to keep in mind while buying

  • Destination of Travel: The premium you’ll pay will depend upon the risks and other factors pertaining to your destination of travel

  • Hassle-Free: Out of the various options available, Insurance Bucket helps you compare the best offer suitable for you and makes your job easy

  • The Credibility of the Company: It is recommended to check for the reputation of the company before buying the policy so that you know if the company is faithful or not

  • Coverage: It is vital to know the coverage which your policy offers

  • Affordability: You would not want to spend more on insurance than the whole travel expense itself. It becomes necessary for the policy to be economical.

  • Purpose and Duration of Travel: One more important factor, the longer the duration, the higher would be the premium. Also, if you are going on an adventure trip that involves risks, then the premium would be higher. If on a leisure trip, the premium would be lower

  • Age: As in the case with other insurance products, if you buy travel insurance at say 25 years of age then the premium would be less.

    However, if you buy travel insurance at 35 years of age then the associated risks will be kept in mind by the insurer while calculating your premium which would be comparatively higher

  • Sum Insured Amount: Sum insured selected for a trip is directly proportional to the premium. So select as per the requirement and don’t overshoot the budget

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: It is this factor that determines how easily you will get your claims from an insurer in case you decide to file a claim. Check this all so important feature before you finalize the company.

Things to keep in mind while buying a home insurance

Home insurance will only pay for the cost of the building and not for the land

  1. It is suggested to get the cost of reconstruction of your home either from a civil contractor or a broker before filing for the renewal of the policy
  2. The market value of the cost of building factors in depreciation. Choose reinstatement cost instead of buildings and contents
  3. It is important to keep proof of insured items as you will need them to settle the claim
  4. The insurer is not subjected to pay if the construction is unauthorized or poor.
  5. It is better to choose a comprehensive house holder’s package policy

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